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Frequently Asked Questions

 What is VISIT's mission?


 VISIT's mission is to inform individuals about their care choices and help them navigate the social care system while providing comprehensive support in the comfort of their own homes.



What is VISIT? 


VISIT is a provider of practical and social care for adults in Malton, Ryedale who wish to stay at home.


What services does VISIT offer?


 VISIT offers respite/sitting, hospital-to-home support, early intervention, dementia support, community access, confidence building, home cleaning, help with technology, and pet-friendly care.

Where is VISIT located?


 VISIT is located in Malton, Ryedale, North Yorkshire.

 Is VISIT free?


 No, VISIT is not free. However, they do provide an initial face-to-face free assessment to discuss individual needs and determine how they can best meet those needs.

Does VISIT support individuals in applying for social care assessments?


Yes, VISIT assists individuals in applying for social care assessments.

Does VISIT provide personal care or medication administration?


No, VISIT does not provide personal care or medication administration.

Can VISIT help me develop a care strategy?


Yes, VISIT can help you develop a care strategy tailored to your needs to reduce care costs, prevent crises, and reduce hospital admissions.


Is VISIT pet-friendly?


 Yes, VISIT offers pet-friendly care.

How can I contact VISIT?



 You can contact VISIT to see how they can help by calling or visiting their website.

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