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Help With Using Technology



There is no doubt that the way we utilise technology is shifting rapidly, and unfortunately, many senior citizens are left behind due to a lack of knowledge of new gadgets.


Although internet usage, downloading music or social media, and other tasks may seem simple to younger generations, they may be difficult or even impossible for seniors with little or no experience with recent technology. For example, operating a mobile phone or downloading apps may be difficult for seniors unfamiliar with the process.

There are many benefits to using technology, but it can be frustrating if you don’t know how to use it. It’s especially important to learn how to use technology if you live alone. This will help you stay connected with family and friends and make daily tasks easier. 

Video Consultation

How VISIT can help you

Our team can help seniors at home become more confident and proficient with technology by providing assistance with:

  • Setting up and using computers and other devices

  • Connecting to the internet and using email

  • Staying safe online and avoiding scams

  • Downloading music, movies, and other media

  • Using social media accounts such as Facebook or Instagram

  • Customising device settings and preferences to suit individual needs and preferences

  • We can help older adults stay connected with loved ones to access information and entertainment and maintain their independence and autonomy.

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