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Smooth Hospital to Home Transition with VISIT Support

Empty aisle in the hospital

Our discharge-from-hospital service helps seniors transition smoothly from the hospital back to their homes.


We provide care, support and guidance to address any questions or issues you may have during this process.


Our goal is to ensure a safe discharge home and reduce the risk of hospital readmission.


Discharge from the hospital can be confusing, with many questions and issues to address.


Our service is designed to support you in returning home and following post-discharge from the hospital. We want to ensure you have a safe discharge home and reduce the risk of hospital re-admission.


Before being discharged, it's important to coordinate and plan things to ensure that your home is set up to meet your needs. This may include arranging for assistive technology, a key safe, follow-up physio, GP reviews, transportation, and ensuring that you have enough space for hospital equipment, mobility aids, food, and medication.

We can provide guidance on identifying and ordering equipment to help with independence at home, such as a raised toilet seat, bath chair, or grab bars.


Our goal is to ensure that you have a safe and smooth transition back home while maximizing your independence.

How VISIT can help you

  • Identify simple equipment that helps with independence and reduces the risk of falls and hospital admissions

  • Provide support and advice on making the home safe and secure with telecare equipment and key safes

  • Offer support in preparing the home environment, eliminating hazards, and setting up space for equipment like hospital profile beds, hoists, and commodes

  • Assist with ordering medications

  • Coordinate care packages for complex needs

  • Help keep track of and maintain follow-up appointments with physiotherapy and occupational therapy

  • Assist with food shopping in the community or getting set up online

  • Help liaise with local shops, social groups, and resources for assistance with shopping and errands to maintain independence

  • Liaise with healthcare and social care professionals, agencies, and organizations to ensure all needs are met after returning home from the hospital.

Nursing an Elderly

Wouldn't you instead spend time at home recovering than in the hospital?

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