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  • How Visit Home Support Provides Quality Home Care in Malton

    Home care services can make a significant difference in the lives of seniors who wish to age in place. At VISIT Home Support, we provide quality home care services to seniors in Malton. Our experienced and compassionate caregivers are committed to ensuring our clients receive the best care possible. Customised Care Plans: At Visit Home Support, we understand that every senior has unique needs and preferences. That's why we offer customised care plans tailored to each client's specific needs. We work closely with our clients and their families to develop care plans that meet their particular needs and preferences. Skilled and Experienced Caregivers: Our caregivers are skilled and experienced in providing home care services to seniors. They are trained in providing practical support, including companionship, housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation services. Our caregivers are also compassionate and understanding, ensuring that our clients receive the best care possible. Regular Caregiver Communication: Regular communication with caregivers is essential to providing quality home care. That's why we encourage our caregivers to communicate regularly with our clients and their families. Regular communication helps to ensure that our clients' needs are being met and that any concerns are addressed promptly. Quality Assurance Programs: At Visit Home Support, we are committed to providing quality home care services. We have quality assurance programs that ensure that our caregivers provide the best care possible. We regularly evaluate our services and make improvements as needed to ensure that our clients receive the best care possible. Wide Range of Home Care Services: We offer a wide range of home care services, including companionship, hospital-to-home, housekeeping, meal preparation, and transportation services. This allows us to provide comprehensive care to our clients and meet all of their needs. Visit Home Support provides quality home care services to seniors in Malton. Our customised care plans, skilled and experienced caregivers, regular caregiver communication, quality assurance programs, and wide range of home care services make us a top choice for home care services in the area. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help your loved one receive quality home care.

  • Your Guide to Adult Social Care in the UK: Frequently Asked Questions Answered

    What is a needs assessment and how does it work? A needs assessment is an evaluation of your physical, mental, and social needs to determine what kind of care and support you require. A trained professional will conduct the assessment and provide recommendations for services and resources that can help you. What is a care plan? A care plan is a document that outlines the specific care and support that you will receive, based on the results of your needs assessment. It should be tailored to your individual needs and reviewed and updated regularly. How can I choose a care provider? There are many care providers to choose from, including private companies and charities. You can research your options online, ask for recommendations from family and friends, and read reviews from other service users to help you make an informed decision. What is a care home and how does it work? A care home is a residential facility where individuals who require extra support can live. They offer 24-hour care and support, and residents can receive assistance with daily activities, such as personal care, meal preparation, and medication management. What is supported living and how does it work? Supported living is a type of care where individuals live in their own home, but receive support and care from trained professionals. This can include assistance with household tasks, personal care, and social activities. How can I access home care services? You can access home care services by contacting your local council's social services department or by searching online for private providers. Home care services can provide assistance with personal care, household tasks, and other activities to help you live independently. What is respite care and how does it work? Respite care provides temporary relief for carers and can be used to give them a break from their caring responsibilities. It can be provided in the home or in a care facility, and can range from a few hours to several weeks. What is a personal budget and how does it work? A personal budget is a sum of money allocated to you by your local council to pay for the care and support that you require. It can be used to pay for a range of services, including home care, day care, and supported living. How can I access equipment or adaptations to my home? You can access equipment or adaptations to your home by contacting your local council's occupational therapy department. They can assess your needs and recommend equipment or adaptations to make your home more accessible and safe. What support is available for carers? There are many support services available for carers, including respite care, training and education, and financial assistance. You can access these services through your local council's social services department or by contacting charities such as Carers UK. How can I pay for my adult social care services? The amount you will have to pay for your adult social care services will depend on your financial circumstances. You may be eligible for financial assistance from your local council, and you can also use your personal budget to pay for your care. What is a deprivation of liberty safeguard? A deprivation of liberty safeguard is a legal safeguard to protect individuals who are receiving care in a care home or hospital, and who may not have the mental capacity to consent to their care. It ensures that any restrictions on their freedom are necessary and proportionate. What is an enduring power of attorney? An enduring power of attorney is a legal document that allows someone to make decisions on your behalf if you lose mental capacity. This can include decisions about your finances, property, and personal welfare.

  • Benefits of Home Care for Seniors

    At some point in our lives, we may face the need to care for an elderly or disabled loved one. Whether due to illness, injury, or simply the natural process of ageing, caring for a loved one can be a challenging and emotional task. Thankfully, home care provides a valuable solution to the challenges of providing care for those in need. In this article, we'll discuss the benefits of home care and how it can provide quality care for your loved ones. Personalised Care for Elderly Care Recipients: One of the biggest benefits of home care is that it provides personalised care for your loved ones. Unlike other forms of care, such as assisted living facilities, home care allows for a one-on-one approach to care. This personalised care can be tailored to the specific needs of your loved one, providing them with the attention and care they need to thrive. Home care agencies can provide trained caregivers to assist with daily activities, medical care, and companionship. Familiar Environment for Senior Care: Another benefit of home care is that it allows your loved ones to stay in a familiar environment. Being in a comfortable and familiar environment can be incredibly important for those in need of care. It can help reduce stress and anxiety, which can ultimately lead to better overall health and well-being. Home care allows senior citizens to receive care in the comfort of their own homes, surrounded by their belongings and memories. Cost-Effective Home Care Agency Services: Home care is often a more cost-effective option than other forms of care. For example, assisted living facilities can be incredibly expensive, and the cost can quickly add up over time. With home care, you only pay for the care that is provided, which can be a more affordable option in the long run. Additionally, the UK government offers Carer's Allowance, a financial benefit to eligible caregivers, to help cover the costs of providing care for their loved ones. You can find more information about Carer's Allowance on the gov.UK website. Improved Quality of Life for Care Recipients: By providing personalised care in a familiar environment, home care can ultimately lead to an improved quality of life for your loved one. Home care can provide your loved one with the attention and care they need to live a happy and healthy life, despite any health challenges they may be facing. Seniors who receive quality home care can maintain their independence, improve their physical and mental health, and participate in their communities. Peace of Mind for Caregivers and Families: Finally, home care can provide you and your family with peace of mind. Knowing that your loved one is receiving quality care in the comfort of their own home can be incredibly reassuring. This can help reduce stress and anxiety for you and your family, allowing you to focus on spending quality time with your loved one. Carers UK is a charity that provides support and resources for caregivers and families in the UK. You can visit their website for more information and resources. In conclusion, home care provides numerous benefits for seniors and their families in the UK. It provides personalised care in a familiar environment, is a cost-effective option, can lead to an improved quality of life, and provides peace of mind for caregivers and families. If you're considering home care for your loved one, be sure to research reputable home care agencies in your area to ensure that you're receiving the highest quality of care possible.

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  • Home Care | Visit Home Support | Malton

    Looking for home care and respite services in the Malton and Ryedale areas? VISIT - Home Support can help seniors and their families by providing customised services such as companionship, support, and respite. Get in touch today to see how we can help you or your loved one! What services do we offer? VISIT - Home Support, provides a wide range of services to help older adults stay comfortable and safe in their own homes. Our services include prompting with personal care, medication, housekeeping, shopping & errands, companionship and respite support, dementia care and meals. We tailor our services to the individual needs of our clients, so no matter what level of assistance you may require you can rest assured we’re here to help. Get in touch today to learn more about how VISIT - Home Support can make a difference to your life or the life of your loved one. What makes us different? Are you tired of feeling like your care is just a temporary fix? At VISIT, we believe in getting to the root of the problem. That's why we focus on early intervention - it allows us to identify potential issues and address them before they escalate. By taking this proactive approach, we can actually prevent, reduce, and delay the need for more comprehensive care. ​ But it's not just about the care - it's about you. We work with you to create a personalised plan of action that helps you achieve your goals and meet your needs in the most efficient way possible. So why settle for just a temporary fix when you can solve the problem with VISIT? For you: Overwhelmed by daily tasks Struggling to socialise or run errands? Lacking the confidence to leave the house? Mental health declining and feeling isolated? ​ Don't let these challenges control your life any longer. Our team is here to help you overcome them and improve your quality of life. With our support, you can regain your independence and thrive at home. You may already have a ‘care package’ but still require extra help around the home or to get out. For your loved one: Caring for a loved one with dementia and in need of respite? Experiencing carer's fatigue and feeling overwhelmed? Struggling to balance caregiving responsibilities with work, educat ion, and personal commitments? ​​ If any of these sound familiar, it's time to reach out for support. Our team is here to provide the assistance you need to care for your loved one while also taking care of yourself. Don't let caregiving responsibilities consume your life. Ordinary household tasks are the most difficult for someone who has care needs. Help to keep them independent at home with our cost-effective early intervention service. We can offer: Support with dementia and related conditions Assistance with preparing and cooking light meals Help with shopping and accessing the community Companionship and emotional support to build confidence Assistance with identifying and obtaining equipment to promote mobility and reduce the risk of falls Shopping, prescription management, appointment scheduling, and bill paying Housekeeping and basic gardening Respite care for caregivers through our sitting service Support with technology, including mobile phones, computers, and the internet Medication and personal care reminders Pet care, including feeding, walking, and monitoring Please note : ​ We are unable to offer support with personal care, medication administration, or physical lifting. However, we can assist with reminders and prompts to ensure that individuals are able to manage their own personal care and medications as independently as possible. If you have any additional questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We offer a free initial assessment to determine the best way to support you. Contact us to schedule yours. "I know Fransesca personally and know how well she looked her grandfather when he needed more help. Her loving support made his final years more acceptable. I would certainly recommend her to anyone who needs help and support." Anna Lupton

  • About Us | In-Home Care Services in Malton, Ryedale | Visit Home Support

    Trusted Home Care Services - VISIT Home Support A little background on us and why we launched VISIT Founder Francesca founded VISIT after caring for their grandfather for several years. She understood the difficulties and complexities of navigating the health and social care system, and she wanted to help others find the right level of care they need to meet their care needs at home in a cost-effective way. That's why Francesca established VISIT - to assist adults who are struggling with their care needs and provide support for caregivers. Francesca background: Wit h over ten years of experience in health and social care, Francesca is a skilled Support Worker and Domiciliary Carer, specialising in supporting disabled and older adults. In addition to running her own cleaning company, Francesca has expertise in working with people with learning disabilities and complex health needs. She is enthusiastic about helping others live their best lives, and she holds a current DBS. NEWS & PUBLICATIONS Our Values Sustainable and cost-effective: ​ We prioritise sustainability and cost-effectiveness in our approach to care. We believe in the importance of early prevention and developing strategies that allow individuals to maintain independence in their homes for as long as possible, in order to reduce long-term care costs. Our goal is to support individuals in a way that is both sustainable and financially responsible. ​ Person-centred care: ​ ​ We believe that care should be centred on the individual. We understand that every person is unique and take the time to get to know you in order to provide the best possible support. We value and respect individuals' individuality, taking into consideration their history, lifestyle, culture, preferences, and more. We are committed to helping you in any way we can and being by your side throughout the entire process, whether it be to provide assistance during a difficult time, support your health, or help you achieve your goals. Our person-centred approach ensures that we provide care that is tailored to your specific needs and preferences. ​ Familiarity: ​ We understand the importance of having familiar and dependable care for your loved ones. We empathise with the challenges that arise when there are not enough caregivers, leading to family members taking on caregiving responsibilities. That's why we do our best to match you with a caregiver who is a good fit for you and can be trusted with your loved one's care. We recognise that familiarity and trust are key components in providing high-quality care, and we strive to ensure that our caregivers meet these standards. ​ Trust in your provider: ​ We understand the importance of trust in the caregiver-client relationship. You want to know that your loved one is receiving the best possible care and that their caregiver is trustworthy, responsible, and dependable. We take the responsibility of building and maintaining trust seriously and strive to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision about whether or not to work with us. We understand that trust takes time to build and can be easily lost, so we are careful to ensure that we always act in a way that upholds your trust in us. ​ ​ Remain at home and live with dignity: ​ We feel a sense of responsibility to the communities we serve and believe that by supporting individuals at home, we can help them thrive and age in place with dignity. We are committed to finding the right care solution for each individual, taking into consideration their physical and mental abilities, daily routine, and social needs. Our goal is to provide a safe and secure environment that allows individuals to live their retirement years to the fullest while maintaining their dignity and independence. We are passionate about providing high-quality care to those who need it and ensuring that carers have the support they need to continue doing their vital work. We believe everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect, and everyone has the right to live a life that is as full and rich as possible.

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