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Our Services 



We have a wide range of services, depending on your needs.


Whether you want assistance with daily tasks, like cleaning or shopping, or just some respite so you can get out of the house, we are here to help.

Knitting Class

Respite and Sitting Services

Our sitting service can offer much-needed relief for primary caregivers, who can often feel overwhelmed and stressed from their caregiving responsibilities. 

Help to Access the Community 

Assisting you in overcoming barriers to accessing local support in your community.

Early Intervention at Home

Early intervention to prevent or delay the need for more costly and intensive services later on.

Confidence Building

Supporting you to regain your confidence and independence to do everyday things.

Hospital Bed

Hospital to Home Support


Our 'Hospital to Home Support' is designed to provide a smoother transition home before or after being discharged from the hospital. 


Support with Dementia

We can provide companionship and social interaction that is often lost when a loved one is diagnosed with dementia.


By providing companionship, we can reduce behavioural issues associated with dementia and help your loved one live a better life.


We can help with the daily running of your home to keep up with daily tasks that may have become more difficult due to health issues or ageing.

Pet Friendly Care

Our in-home pet sitting is available and allows your pet to stay in their own comfortable environment and receive everything they need.

Image by Lucrezia Carnelos

Help with Using Technology

If you require assistance with ordering your food shopping on the internet, communicating with loved ones via social media, or using your mobile phone or computer, we can provide you with that support.

Elderly couple
Young Hands Holding Old Hands

You don't have to go through it alone.


Our home care services offer you and your family a way out of difficult situations, such as caring for an ageing loved one with dementia and other conditions.

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