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Dementia Care Support

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What is dementia

Dementia is a condition that can cause memory loss and problems with reasoning and problem-solving. It can affect people of any age, but it’s most common in people over 65.​

As we age, most of us will experience some decline in our memory; however, if you are experiencing significant memory loss, which may negatively impact your quality of life.


Dementia is not a normal part of ageing, and various risk factors can increase your chances of developing it. 

Compassionate Dementia Care to Improve Quality of Life

Deciding on the best type of care for your loved one is crucial in ensuring their well-being and ability to live as independently as possible. There are several options available, such as in-home care, daycare, assisted living, residential and nursing homes. It is important to take into account your loved one's specific needs when making this decision. Additionally, there are steps you can take to manage their symptoms and preserve their independence as much as possible.

How VISIT can help you

Our team is dedicated to supporting individuals living with dementia and their caregivers. We offer a range of services to help improve quality of life and promote independence, including:

  • One-on-one visits to provide companionship and social interaction

  • Assistance with daily tasks such as cooking, cleaning, and transportation

  • Reminders for appointments and other important events

  • Participation in social activities and outings

  • Relief for caregivers to reduce fatigue and stress By providing personalized support and care, we aim to help those living with dementia lead a fulfilling and active life.

As part of our dementia care service, we work closely with dementia support agencies such as Dementia Forward and Alzheimer's Society to ensure that the home environment is as dementia-friendly as possible. This may involve making changes to the layout and design of the home, providing advice on assistive technology, or implementing strategies to support the individual's daily routines and activities. By making these adjustments, we can help your loved one with dementia feel more comfortable and secure in their home, and support them in maintaining their independence for as long as possible.

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